Upon arrival

1. Document recording
Immediately after arrival, all our guests shall be required to visit the campsite reception desk. Guests shall be asked to produce valid identity documents, to fill in and sign the Public Security notice, which is compulsory according to the legislation in force, and to look over the camping resort internal rules. Under-age people shall be allowed in the camping resort only if accompanied either by their parents or by relatives of age. The management reserve the right not to accept guests who will not submit valid documents and will not comply with the campsite rules.

2. Camping Passes
Upon arrival, when visiting the reception office, each guest shall be given a Camping Pass allowing access to the campsite through the entrance automatic gate. The Camping Pass shall be necessary to carry out any operations at the reception office. All Camping Passes shall be given back to the reception office at the time of departure. Campers shall be required to pay a €5.00 deposit per Camping Pass, which shall be returned when the pass is given back.

3. Cash service opening hours
The Cash Office, where payments are to be made, follows the timetable shown. No payment can be made outside the opening hours. Upon arrival guests shall be asked to pay for the reserved stay period. Accomodation charges shall be calculated according to the number of nights, regardless of the time of arrival.

4. Campsite pitch allocation
The campsite pitches shall be allocated by the management who can take into consideration the guests’ requests according to the situation. Making a reservation for a pitch exclusively assures the accommodation in one of the pitches that turn out to be free upon arrival. Installing more than one equipment on a single campsite pitch shall not be allowed. Camping equipment exceeding a car and a tent, or a car and a caravan or camper van shall be considered as extra, and shall be charged separately. Campsite pitches and toilets shall be opened progressively according to the number of guests present on the campsite and in compliance with the specific requirements, which shall be decided upon by the management staff. Occupying – even temporarily – free pitches with cars or sundry personal equipment is strictly forbidden.

5. Residential unit allocation
The management may take into consideration customer’s requirements concerning the kind of bungalow, large caravan or campsite pitch, but shall not necessarily fulfil it. The management staff reserve the right to comply with the requests in consideration of the availability and without any notice. Daily fees include a parking lot only; a second vehicle shall be charged separately and parked in the external unattended parking area. Residential units shall be allocated between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. upon the arrival day. The estimate balance shall – in any case –be payed upon arrival. A €150.00 deposit is asked for each residential unit; the sum will be returned at the departure time, after checking the conditions of the residential units and returning the keys and the car pass to the information office. This check shall be agreed upon at the information office before the departure.The customer may submit complaints or point out problems of any kind to the reception desk within an hour from the allocation of the unit. Guests are kindly requested to check whether the equipment available in each residential unit complies with the inventory shown in each flat. Any discrepancy is to be immediately reported to the reception desk.

6. Pets
The presence of pets shall be reported upon arrival. Pets must be insured and in compliance with hygienic rules, as certified by the relevant documents. Vet controls might be carried out during the stay at the campsite if needed. Only small- and medium-sized animals shall be allowed.

During the stay

7. Visits
During the stay at the campsite, visits from third parties shall be forbidden both during the day and the night, unless authorised by the management. Visitors shall be admitted during the reception office opening time upon leaving an identification document to the campsite staff. Visitors cannot enter the campsite with a vehicle. Visits cannot exceed a period of half an hour; should the visit last longer, the visitor shall be required to pay the campsite daily fees.

8. Internal traffic
Motor vehicles cannot circulate inside the campsite from 11.30 p.m to 7.00 a.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m., even if just to enter or leave the campsite. Motor vehicles shall proceed at a walking pace on the campsite paths, and shall only be used in case of need. Cyclists are invited to cycle at slow speed for their own and others’ safety.

9. Resting hours
Any noises which could disturb the rest, such as those deriving from the use of radios, TV sets, stereos, musical instruments or noisy gatherings, are strictly forbidden from 1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m., and from 11.30 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. The protection of peace and quiet in the campsite requires keeping the volume of radios, Tv sets, stereos and musical instruments quite low, also during the allowed periods of use. The timetable could be modified by the management. Any violations of these rules could lead to the expulsion from the campsite.

10. Pets
Pets shall not be kept unleashed inside the campsite, and they shall fully comply with the relevant hygienic and sanitary rules. Dogs shall be kept on their leash even when walked outside the campsite. Owners shall be in charge of cleaning up in case of need. Animals shall not be allowed in the playground or in the swimming-pool area.

11. Children care
The campsite management shall not carry out any surveillance on guests’ activities inside the campsite. Parents – or sundry foster parents – shall be responsible for their children care also towards third parties.  These people will work to ensure that the children do not cause damage, do not take risks in the campsite and during the use of the playground and that they respect the hours of rest from 11.30 pm to 7.00 am.m. and from 1.00 pm p.m. at 2.30 p.m. Campsite managers and owners shall thus be released from any liability. Specific rules shall be complied with in the swimming-pools area.

12. Hygienic rules
The campsite has an accurate cleaning service. However, the cooperation of the guests to keep the campsite as clean as possible is required. We remind our guests that litter is to be disposed in rubbish bags, strictly tied up and set in the proper containers, which may be found outside the campsite. Wash-basins, basins and sinks are to be used according to specific directions, as well as toilets. Any possibile damage deriving from their neglectful usage shall be charged to the guests. We recall that chemical WC are to be exclusively emptied in proper sewerage set in the toilet blocks. Disabled people wishing to use toilets are kindly requested to ask for the keys at the reception office. Guests shall be bound to keep camping areas and residential units as clean and in proper order as they are allocated upon arrival. Usage of sheets and pillowcases is compulsory on beds in residential units. The guests without bedlinen shall be bound to rent them at the reception office. Customers are kindly requested not to smoke inside the residential units. Car-wash is forbidden in the whole campise area.

13. Infection Diseases
Infectious diseases and suspect illnesses shall be immediately reported to the campsite management.

14. Insurance and internal safety
The management accept no responsibility for theft, accidents, or damage to things and people, as well as for any damage caused by thunderstorms, hailstorms, the fall of trees or branches, illnesses including those affecting plants, epidemics, fires, force majeure, etc. Campers shall be responsible for any damage caused to third parties by their equipment. A Civil-Liability-to-Third-Parties insurance policy is highly advised, so to cover any possible damage caused by campers or by their relatives. The use of the available facilities, including swimming-pools, playground, sports facilities shall be at the user’s risk. The management accept no responsibility for any incidents which might occur inside the campsite. Swimming-pools shall be accessible only during the opening hours. Playing unauthorised games shall be forbidden.

15. Damage, removal or loss of objects
The management shall not be liable for any damage, removal or loss of objects, equipment or vehicles belonging to the guests. Whoever damages or steals objects belonging to the campsite in any way shall be bound to compensate the damage and to return the objects, when possible. Should guests find any lost property, they shall be required to return it to the management staff.

16. Inefficiency
We kindly request to report any possibile breakdown or malfunction inside the campsite to the management staff.

17. Fires and Barbecues
Lighting fires on the ground is forbidden. Barbecues shall only be allowed in case they do not cause risks or disturbance. They shall be extinguished after usage.


In order to safeguard our guests’ interests, the Management reserve the right to send away all those people who shall not comply with the regulations in force, and whose behavious shall prevent order and quiet from being preserved inside the campsite.

Upon departure

19. Campsite areas
Departure shall take place between 8.30 a.m. and 12 a.m. Should guests fail to leave in time, they will be charged the whole day fees, namely the daily fees both for the pitch and the people, regardless of the time of arrival.

20. Residential units
Residential units shall be set free between 8.30 a.m. and 11 a.m. of the departure day, in a perfect state of order and neatness, as it had been allocated, with washed kitchenware. Guests shall be charged for any damaged or missing property. Final cleaning charges are compulsory. Should guests remain inside the campsite after 12 p.m., full daily fees shall be charged according to the number of people present and the car, which will have to be parked in the external car parking area. A booked period, even if not fully exploited due to late arrival or early departure, shall be paid in any case.

21. Camping Passes
Camping passes shall be returned upon departure exclusively to the Cash office. Otherwise, we will be forced to charge you with the sum of €5.00 for each unreturned pass.